Black Friday, 2020

Black Friday, 2020

Black Friday, 2020

The term ‘Black Friday’ originates back to 1950’s Philadelphia.  Local police used to refer to the day between Thanksgiving and the Army-Navy game (American college football rivalry game) as Black Friday, owing to the masses of shoppers who visited the city that day to begin their Christmas shopping.  The shops were overwhelmed and the police typically had to work long or extra shifts in order to control the masses and maintain public order. 

Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November.  This year, 2020, Thanksgiving is the 26th November, therefore Black Friday is the 27th.  Traditionally, (pre-COVID) shops and stores would open incredibly early in the morning and stay open very late to maximise sales – equally, shoppers would be bargain-hunting for as much of the day as possible, attempting to reduce the money spent on Christmas presents whilst maintaining quality by purchasing reputable brands.  This has, in the past, led to some rather frantic, shopping behaviour.  Riots, fights and even deaths have occurred on Black Friday – some 111 since 2006!

With the UK in lockdown until December the 2nd, many have wondered if Black Friday will be allowed to go ahead this year, but, of course, the internet is a safe haven for shoppers! will be hosting our own event which will include 30% savings on our Power Plate® - this could save you up to £1,500.00 on our Power Plate® my7™ which is not only a fantastic cash saving but will allow you a final burst of targeting weight loss prior to the festive period and see you carry this exercising momentum through to the new year.

For more information on our Power Plate® range, please see here and apply the code BLACKFRIDAYPOWER to activate your savings!

Come on 2021, make it a good one!

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